Instructions Manual 

Insert device into the cigarette lighter socket. Make sure car ignition/engine is on

Hold down green call button and use the arrows to tune device to 88.3FM or a similar station

Match your car FM (not AM) station to the same as the device shows on the screen

Connect phone to HY-87 in Bluetooth settings

Play music! Turn your car volume up! Enjoy 😊


Troubleshooting Guide

I get static (radio fuzz noise) playback when playing through my Socket Rocket.

With our experience with our product, different vehicles can often require slightly different methods during setup to achieve the best sound quality. 

If you are hearing low quality sound or static radio feedback, there are several steps to find the best settings for your vehicle. 

Firstly, try changing the radio station that you are transmitting on. Avoid normal listening radio stations such as B105.3, 96.5FM, etc. as you will not see great results with these. The clarity of different stations can vary on location.

If no change in results is seen, then play around with your phone's volume (using your side buttons) and the radio volume (using the knob). Sometimes, it can require adjusting slightly to find the sweet spot for crisp music.

For example, turn your phone volume to half and only use the stereo knob to change the volume. Or, turn your stereo volume down and turn up your phone volume instead. Play around with this, until you achieve crisp sound and find the best results.

As long as your car radio, car speakers and cigarette lighter are all working perfectly, all audio coming through will be able to be played clearly and crisply. If not, then your car radio/stereo wiring has potential damage and will need repairing or looking into.

My friends can't hear me when I'm on a call

Make sure that when you're on a call, the Bluetooth on the dialing screen is set to the device (HY-87). If it's set to speaker or your phone, it won't use the Socket Rocket's in-built microphone. 

As long as your Bluetooth is connected, you're on the right station and your volume is up, calls should be a breeze.

My Socket Rocket doesn’t turn on when I plug it in.

If your ignition/engine is on and the Socket Rocket does not display anything on the screen, your car’s cigarette lighter socket is potentially damaged and will need repairing, before using the Socket Rocket.

How do I change the station I am transmitting to?

Hold down the green call button on the Socket Rocket, and use the right and left arrows to select a station to transmit to.

Can I play from a USB?

You sure can! Just make sure that the USB format is of a FAT32 type. If yours isn't FAT32, you can re-format your USB by Googling 'How to change USB to FAT32 type.'

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